Advised Portfolio Service


Expert Advice and Market Insights 

We understand that some of our clients may require a more hands-on approach to investing.  Our advised portfolio service puts you at the center of any decisions that are made, we advise and you decide.  

Your financial adviser will work closely with you to understand your financial situation and what’s important to you.  After establishing how much input you will want and working from our principled-based approach, an agreed investment strategy will be implemented. 

With access to financial research and market analysis, we can look at bespoke investment portfolios using a range of investment vehicles taking a ‘whole of market’ approach. Many of our clients have found that this approach to investing, coupled with our expertise in financial planning, creates a seamless integration in managing their wealth. 

How it works

Integrated wealth management

We will make recommendations on a range of investment solutions ensuring they fit in to your wider financial planning goals.  We advise, you decide. 

Your true north

We will regularly assess and advise on your portfolio making sure that as the investment landscape changes; your investment objectives are achieved and long-term goals met. 

Eyes in the rear view mirror

Whilst past performance is no reliable guide to future performance, history does tend to repeat itself.  We will regularly assess market conditions and communicate some of the risks that we foresee in the short term.  Not being influenced by short-term noise is important to achieving longer-term success.

Fees that set you free

Understanding what you’re paying for is paramount for a trust-based relationship.  We believe in complete transparency and highlight that controlling investments fees can have a big impact on the performance of your portfolio.


Managing risk through diversification 

For some, maximising investment returns is their primary driver.  However for others, controlling risk is more important. Our responsibility is to understand your individual views on risk and to strike the right balance between risk and potential return. We use a rigorous process to determine the level of risk you would feel comfortable with and will regularly review this to ensure that as your views on the world change, your portfolio does too.

When it comes to managing risk, one has to think about diversification.  Some asset classes are more volatile than others, some move in the same direction as their counterparts, whilst few have little to no correlation at all. Understanding all of these moving parts can be challenging, even for the more seasoned investor – a job made easier however, by diversification.  

At Elmwood Wealth Management we believe that portfolios should be globally diversified.  Capturing performance across all continents is wise in a world so interconnected.  Over the past 20 years, the world has seen the balance of power shift from West to East, with the emergence of China as the leading manufacturing hub of the world, to this extent, emerging markets cannot be ignored.  Developed markets across the Northern hemisphere will provide that much needed stability that a portfolio requires and as the US has demonstrated year after year, can provide strong returns, more recently seen with innovation in the tech sector.

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The value of investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

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